Dear Family & Friends, We are moving forward with our wedding plans in Cabos San Lucas, BCS, Mexico and have selected the new date of April 17, 2021. More information to come. -Joshua & Nicole

Nicole & Joshua

April 17, 2021Cabo San Lucas, Baja California Sur, Mexico

Our Story

Joshua and I are drawn to Cabo San Lucas, Mexico and always have the best time there partying, exploring, and relaxing. Cabo has been one of our favorite places since our first visit in 2013. On our visit in May 2018, Joshua made sure we took some time out to view the area of the hotel where the weddings take place. Meanwhile, I was completely clueless that he was planning to propose later in July. We both enjoy Cabo so much and feel like locals when we are there that we want our families and friends to have that experience too. Hence the "Weddingcation", a week long wedding. Multiple nights of fun, friendship, and love. Joshua is from Trinidad and I am from Jamaica and both our families enjoy a good fete.


Joshua and I met December 2011 in one of the most unexpected places...jail! Before your thoughts begin to wonder, we were coworkers only there for a short stay each day. I started working on Rikers Island in 2010 and Joshua was already on staff at the time. We would hear from other co-workers that we would complement one another.

JOSH REMEMBERS - I would always run into her, from out brief conversations - she seemed very mature but looked very young. I said to myself , “There’s definitely a lot of thread left on them tires” but I was so wrong. I wanted to know her so bad, but finding out this woman was older than me - really had me messed up. Though her physical appeared to be younger, she was aligned with her mental.

NICOLE REMEMBERS - From there on Josh always called me “Ms. Campbell” instead of “Nicole". Mutual friends were coordinating a table for our upcoming holiday party function. They created a seating arrangement for our group, in which I noticed a plus one next to my name.

THEY REMEMBER - Ms. Campbell and I were talking one day and the seating chart came up, she felt the need to clarify that the plus one given to her was an error. She continued to explain that she assumed to be with a plus one however disclosing that she was in fact single. So I asked Ms. Campbell if she would want to accompany me since I didn’t have a date, to my surprise - she immediately replied that she would love to. That was our unofficial first date, we later made plans for our official first date that night. That night snowballed into today and here we are.


On our first official date we stopped at Friday’s and then went bowling. I remember when we arrived at Fridays, we ordered drinks and some appetizers. The whole time, Nicole said she wanted boneless chicken wings, however throughout the night, she did not eat anything at all. Josh figured I was very nervous. Wasn’t sure why but Josh figured he had something to do with it . We had about two drinks each and went to Whitestone bowling alley and boy did I kick butt. We bowled for hours, I had amazing strikes. After the bowling game, I attempted to drop Nicole off like any decent guy would. We pulled up in front of her home, parked and talked for nearly 3 hours until the sun came up. We both parted ways, but not before she asked to see me again.


The place was packed and all you could see was a wave of all white. It was July 29, 2018, the night of the Campbell/Vincent Annual All White Affair. Everyone was there; family from out of town, friends from all over, and friends of friends; it was a normal jovial night. My mom asked me to come to the backyard because they were getting ready to do a cake cutting and celebrate the July birthday folks.

The DJ was on the microphone thanking everyone, the crowd sang happy birthday and then my song at the time dropped, Drake “In my Feelings”. I was all the way into my Shiggy dance routine, with my sister Simone hyping me up. The crowd was screaming “Kiki do you love me….” and as I looked around I see Josh on one knee. I was caught off guard in the best way.

As I am sure the crowd would tell you I was so shocked that I didn’t even stop dancing. It took a few moments to click what was going on but when it did I finally said “YES” with the tears and laughter. The rest of the night was all a daze. Luckily there were many pictures and videos taken by our family and friends to recap our surreal moment.

The Wedding

Saturday, April 17, 2021
5:30 PM
Attire: Beach Formal
Ceremony and Reception
Grand Solmar Land's End Resort & Spa Cabo San Lucas
Avenida Solmar #1A Col Centro Cabo San Lucas, BCS, 23450
Wedding Party

Simone - Maid of Honor
Tanika - Bridesmaid
Malyia - Bridesmaid
Sabrina - Bridesmaid
Monique - Bridesmaid
Cassandra - Bridesmaid
Alyssa - Bridesmaid
Tiana - Bridesmaid
James - Best Man
Jason - Best Man
Michael - Groomsman
Andrew - Groomsman
Christopher - Groomsman
Shaun - Groomsman
Shakil - Groomsman